B2B Portal Development – What to consider

B2B Portal Development – What to consider

When it comes to portal development, there are a few things to consider when it comes to business to business (B2B). Is your client experience good? If so, is it good enough? Your clients should be able to interact seamlessly with your business. There shouldn’t be any hiccups, everything they need should be easy to-find, your systems should be easy to navigate and access. So what can you do to ensure your clients have the best experience possible?

Stay on top of industry trends

Firstly you should be staying on top of the latest industry trends. Are there any functionalities or features your company could incorporate into your systems? Are your competitors offering a service you aren’t? Staying on top of industry trends is essential for ensuring your clients or potential clients don’t seek out your competitors rather than you.

Review your processes and ask for feedback

Reviewing your processes is key for ensuring criteria are being met and the speed of operations is up to scratch. In addition to this, asking your clients for feedback on your systems and if there’s anything to improve is useful. You can then see what their overall experience with your systems is like.

Portals evolve

Portals do evolve with the times. Your company may feel you want to update your existing systems with a new theme, new functionalities, and that’s great! Change is good.

Overall, client experience is key. If it’s not good, you will lose out on sales and future prospects. We’ve built portals in the past that have helped tremendously with a company’s conversion process. If you wish to develop your existing portal or want to build one from scratch our team of experienced web portal developers can help you out. Find out more here.