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Temperature Monitoring

Simplify your safety processes, protect your workplace & reassure your staff.


Temperature testing made easy – automatic & contactless systems.

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Simplify processes & protect your workplace – Automatic temperature scanning

Here at Thermal Camera Solutions, our main priority is your safety. We want to support your company with getting back to work and ensure you are taking the right steps to protect and reassure your employees/visitors/customers/residents. Our automatic and contactless body temperature scanners can help:


  • Reduce the risk of an outbreak
  • Simplify & automate current processes
  • Save time and money
  • Reduce human contact
  • Reassurance
  • Kick-start business post-lockdown


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Contactless Scanning
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Automatic Mask Detection
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High Temperature Alerts

All of our temperature testing devices are fast, effective and easy-to-use. Above all, they are favoured highly by employees and visitors as they offer reassurance. Our most popular camera option being our body temperature camera.

How does body temperature scanning work?

As soon as an individual approaches one of our cameras, they will be scanned. A body temperature of 37.8 degrees and above is a fever, which can be caused by an illness/infection. If detected, our systems will signal a visual and audio warning. After that, a notification will be sent to the administrator and temperature results will be stored on an online web portal. It is as simple as that.

A visual demonstration
Digital Innovation – Automatic Temperature Monitoring

Temperature monitoring has evolved over the last year, with the acceleration of digital transformation. Automatic temperature cameras have been popular alternatives to temperature guns, and it is clear to see why. Like most innovative solutions, automatic and contactless temperature cameras are quicker and more efficient. As a result, they are safer in undertaking temperature testing as they do not require a member of staff to operate. Differing from a temperature gun. In other words, our cameras can save you time and money, whilst reducing 1-on-1 human contact. It’s safe to say installing one of our automatic temperature checkers will be a more convenient and beneficial solution for your business.


You can rent one of our systems if need be. Our systems come fully set up, with all the accessories and ready to go. If there is ever a problem, we’ll be here to support you and help. Renting one of our cameras would be beneficial for an event, for instance.


However, if renting isn’t for you, then you can always purchase one of our temperature detection cameras. Some people prefer this. Our devices are ideal for a range of organisations/industries. Before we sell you anything, we’ll take time to understand your needs and provide you with a system that meets your requirements.

Mask Detection, Door Access & Facial Recognition

Our innovative cameras also have mask detection, facial recognition and door access features. In short, this means less work for your staff and more accurate safety measures. These features can help you enforce regulations, integrate with membership schemes as well as save your security/staff time. In conclusion, automation will make your life so much easier.


Our temperature monitoring cameras are produced by Dahua.  A reputable brand with years of experience delivering technological solutions. We offer a 7-day free trial for all our cameras.


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