In early 2021, the technical teams of a young, exciting national utility company approached Web Portal Solutions. They wanted to advance their operational systems and improve their communication processes with their stakeholders. They were after a portal to allow them to quickly and effectively deliver real-time information.


It’s safe to say the company as a whole are always open to new ideas and development opportunities. They are one of the most technically sophisticated companies out there! As a result of this, they wanted to work with a high energy, innovative company that matched their values and were able to deliver a portal on time and within budget.


Web Portal Solutions fit the bill and were more than happy to take on this project. We developed/are currently developing a secure, robust portal that integrates with the company’s reporting tools. It meets their aims and is a fast, time-saving solution for both parties. In conclusion, the company and its stakeholders have been thoroughly impressed with the Portal. Subsequently, it has improved the business and its processes tremendously.