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We have specialised experience in passing data from websites and mobile apps to central database servers which can then distribute this data to other systems or Web Portals. Developing web services and API’s specific to your requirements,  provides confidence in the security and performance of the data stream sent.

How Can Mobile Application Development Benefit Your Business?

Mobile app development can help tremendously with your business. We can ensure you get the possible usage out of your apps. Our development services can help improve the accessibility to business information. As well as this,  we can develop your app to have more streamlined booking and order processing functionalities. Helping strengthen client/customer engagement.

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    Previous projects

    Wherever you see a rooflight, smoke control vent or roof access hatch in a home, commercial building or school, it is probably made by Whitesales.


    Whitesales approached Solutions needing assistance building a digital tool for customers to design and order a bespoke rooflight, or smoke vent. They wanted to make this possible with just a few clicks using their online configurator.


    • Improve processes & business operations
    • Integrate with your existing systems
    • Everything you need in one place
    • Work with experienced developers
    • Improve CX
    • Save time & money
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