Intranet Development

Web Portal Solutions have years of experience working on Intranets. That is where we started our business. Mostly, we have learnt that every project is unique. And that most often we are building on top of existing investments in your intranet. So we listen to you and understand what you want. We’ll offer advice but never force solutions on you. What we promise is that we’ll offer you a sensible, costeffective solution that works in the real world and that it’ll be delivered on time and within budget. 

Easy to use

First and foremost, everyone will be able to use and enjoy your new Intranet.


Connect your management systems and improve your efficiency. 


Simple secure forms that allow your data to be written to databases.


Our reports help you understand how your team use your Intranet.  


Automate your business processes to improve efficiency and make savings.  

Content Management

All you need to update your intranet is the most basic of computers skills.  

Skills database 

Search for people and teams based on their skills, experience, and location. 


A great enterprise search will be the biggest single win for any Intranet. 


Every one of our Intranets are responsive. And some have their own apps. 


Wherever you want to host your Intranet; inhouse or in the cloud. It’s no problem. 

Social Intranet

Fun, feature rich, fluid, functionality to connect employees.  


Distribute and manage the responsibility for content creation within your team. 


The security and safety of your Intranet data is an absolute priority. 


We’ll make sure all of your users have the best experience of the Intranet.


There is no limit to the functionality that you can add to your Intranet… 

We’ll provide you with a solution…

A well-organised intranet is a valuable asset. Helping our customers with their intranet is our speciality. From redesigns to full roll outs, we’ll make sure your solution is delivered quickly, within budget and that we have met your development goals.

  • 20+years of experience.
  • Easy to work with, transparent and flexible team.
  • Great reputation and extensive portfolio of work.
  • Comfortable with a wide range of technologies. 
  • Quick, practical and realistic workers.
  • We will make your systems work in the real world.  
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