of portals

Content portal

Content portals are either read-only or design platforms that collect and display content from sources across the business. We can aggregate data from different sources into one easy to UI.



  • Toolkit
  • Educational Portal
  • Graphic Analysis
Integration Portals – B2B Portals

An Integration portal brings together functionality from multiple data sources such as legacy and web-enabled applications, (ERP’s and CRM’s for e.g), enabling a single point of entry and distributed access.



Collaboration Portals

A platform so groups of users can organise their activities through the exchange of information. Sharing calendars, information etc.



    • Project Management Portal
    • Staff Portal
Establish your needs

Before deciding on which type of portal you are after, you must first establish your needs. Why do you want to invest in a portal? Are your business operations too slow? Could your communication processes be improved? Once you have identified this, you can start to look at what kind of portal would best meet your goals.

A big bang or quick win?

Will this project take some time to complete or are you after a quick solution? Evaluate your budget, your urgency and what kind of end date you are looking at for this portal. We are more than happy to build you a system from scratch, integrate with your existing systems or offer you a off-the-shelf portal.

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    Previous projects

    Wherever you see a rooflight, smoke control vent or roof access hatch in a home, commercial building or school, it is probably made by Whitesales.


    Whitesales approached Solutions needing assistance building a digital tool for customers to design and order a bespoke rooflight, or smoke vent. They wanted to make this possible with just a few clicks using their online configurator.


    We were more than happy to take on this project. It transformed their business – increasing sales and massively improving the customer experience.


    The TUI Group are a very well-known and well-established international tour operator. TUI came to Web Portal Solutions needing assistance. They wanted to consolidate and integrate all their accommodation data from different brands and systems to be accessible on one, easy-to-use platform.


    The data which needed to be handled was extremely sensitive, they needed someone to trust with this important information. We fit the bill and were more than happy to help.


    We retrieved data from many legacy systems and displayed them in a structured format in different languages. Overall, the project was a great success – we met TUI’s needs and built a system that they were happy with.


    • Improve processes & business operations
    • Integrate with your existing systems
    • Everything you need in one place
    • Work with experienced developers
    • Improve CX
    • Save time & money
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