Web Portals – Using Middleware


Using middleware to integrate applications

At Web Portal Solutions we use a process called middleware to integrate applications, data and users together. Although many middleware services are accessed through APIs, there are other types of middleware too. API’s can connect different services through a common layer.


Middleware can be described as ‘software glue’ and allows different kinds of software to communicate and interact with each other. Helping developers such as ourselves build applications.

Benefits of integration

By integrating data together, we can build you a streamlined platform where everything you need is accessible in one place. Middleware can save you money and time, especially if you are an organisation using multi-cloud or applications across different platforms. It can integrate all of your messaging systems to be available on a new platform for instance.

Integration can serve many benefits for management, improving processes and providing a platform to tailor content to certain users.

Furthermore, we can integrate with any existing systems you use. This can be appealing to clients/customers as everything they need will be accessible on one platform. Improving business processes, communication and relationships. Overall, creating a more streamlined platform. 

Portals We’ve Worked On

Whatever the size of your project, we offer everything you’ll need.

Because every client is different and each brief is unique, so are our solutions. We understand that some of you will want a quick off-the-shelf solution, others will need a bespoke solution that integrates with their existing and unique management systems. Either way we’ll have a great solution and you can rely on our extraordinary expertise in this area. So if you think you need a bespoke solution click here or if you want a simpler off the shelf solution click here.

Why Choose Us?

All in all, if your customer retention rates are dropping or you need a better system in place for organization/communication, then you have come to the right place. Solutions have years of experience working on Extranets and Portals, we are confident we will be able to deliver your project on-time and in-budget. For a rapid, bespoke solution to meet your needs, just get in touch.